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Dog tags are'required', not'optional'! Jewelry tag

Toberare's Accessory

Simplicity and bling-bling shining jewelry-type dog tags

When you go out, use an identification tag, a necklace at home,

From small dogs to large dogs with a generous 50cm line

A product that is cut with nippers or scissors to fit the child's neck

Jewelry Identifiaction

Gold, Silver, Black Pearl, Pink Gold

Convenient ring-shaped identification tag that can be attached to our children's outings

The two-by-rare jewelry is made in Korea, is plated with genuine gold and nickel, and is coated with a coating coating once more so that it does not change easily

Toberare's Luxurious Chain

You can go out without worrying about breaking by inserting non-toxic PVC fabric into a luxurious chain.

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