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A warming collar that attracts attention for its soft touch, sturdy durability, and luxury

Warming Product

Zero chemical treatment for luxury sofas or luxury handbags!

This product is made of chamud fabric daily product that can be used all year round with sturdy durability.

Chamud fabric is a new material that has replaced the drainage phenomenon of natural suede leather.

Made with chamud, a functional fabric

that does not worry about house dust and allergies A product that is perfectly suited to your loved ones

with breathability, comfort, warmth, moisture permeability and soft touch ​With luxurious colors,

you can catch your eyes anywhere in one body

Warming Collar & Leash

Warming Collar&Leash

Gray, Navy, Mint, Yellow, Wine, Pink


about CHAMUD

Chamood is an artificial leather manufactured by Kolon.

It is an innovative high-tech material that reproduces the dignity of natural leather and compensates for problems by using ultra-fine fibers that are only 1/1000 the thickness of a hair that cannot pass through ticks.

It is applied in various fields and is made through a special process based on ultra-microfiber technology. It has a soft touch and a smooth appearance, while being light and thin, and high durability and strength.

Zero chemical treatment with excellent durability, moisture permeability, breathability, comfort, and warmth! Made with 100% eco-friendly materials, it is a product for Toberare children.

Warming Harness

Gray, Navy, Mint, Yellow, Wine, Pink

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