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Clear Products

This product is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic transparent PVC fabric.

It is a product that makes your loved ones and me stand out with luxurious accessories and unique PVC charm.

Advantages of Toberare Clear Carrier

My lovely pet is not anxious, I have a sense of stability.

The transparent PVC fabric is used to secure a wide field of view so that children are not anxious and have a sense of stability.

You can communicate with children and eye contact.

You can see what children are doing and communicate with each other through eye contact

It's a design that makes my pretty child and me stand out more Going on a trip together, focusing on wherever you go, you can stand out not only me but also pretty children


Clear Collar & Leash

Transparent neckline & lead cord made of specially processed non-toxic, eco-friendly PVC fabric

Luxurious Nickel and gold plating add clean and high-quality, simplicity and Transparent PVC neckband and lead strap suitable for any child with added modernity

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